SUMMER HOLIDAYS! All orders will be shipped from the 1st of July!
SUMMER HOLIDAYS! All orders will be shipped from the 1st of July!
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Workshop with Mark Steinmetz and Irina Rozovsky

© Mark Steinmetz

On Friday the 28th of June, the workshop will begin at Kominek Gallery with a preview of Mark's exhibition "Berlin and South Central.” Mark will give a walk-through of the exhibit to the class. Following this, Irina, Mark, and all the participants will show and present a few photographs or books that inspired and influenced their interest in photography. This will provide an introduction and context for the workshop.

On the 29th and 30th June, the workshop will center on classroom critiques of the participants’ work and projects. All kinds of students and photographic approaches are welcome. The participants can bring any kind of working material they have, such as prints, digital presentations, book dummies, etc. 

Mark Steinmetz and Irina Rozovsky's goal will be to help define and strengthen each students’ vision and purpose.

This workshop is a collaboration between Kominek and Ahorn



Run period
28 June from 6 PM (Introduction) 
29/30 June, 10 AM - 6 PM (Full Time)

Teaching language

Application Deadline
21 June 2019

Course fee
480 EUR (incl. VAT)

Number of participants
min 6—max 12

Kominek Gallery
Immanuelkirchstraße 25
10405 Berlin

Apply now at:


© Irina Rozovsky

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