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Aperture Magazine #225, On Feminism


Aperture Magazine #225, Winter 2016 - "On Feminism"

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The winter issue of Aperture, “On Feminism,” arrives at a moment when the power and influence women hold on the world stage is irrefutable, and the very idea of gender is central to conversations about equality across the country, and around the globe. “On Feminism” focuses on intergenerational dialogues, debates, and strategies of feminism in photography and considers the immense contributions by artists whose work articulates or interrogates representations of women in media and society. Across more than one hundred years of photographs and images, “On Feminism” underscores how photography has shaped feminism as much as how feminism has shaped photography.

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The Set (3 Issues) Aperture Magazine includes Issue #223 Vision & Justice, #224 Sounds, #225 On Feminism. 

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