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Eugene E. Landy - The Underground Dictionary

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Condition: Used book. Good, with some signs of wear. 

From "The Underground Dictionary":

book n. Telephone book kept by a prostitute, consisting in phone numbers, addresses and descriptions of clients. It is sold for very high sums of money when a prostitute leaves the business or change her location.

book, the n. "Physicians’ Desk Reference," considered the drug addicts’ bible although its original purpose was for classification and description of medication for physicians’ use a.k.a P.D.R. See "Physicians’ Desk Reference."

“A lexicon of counterculture slang for the uninitiated.” Landy later famously became Brian Wilson’s personal psychotherapist, doctor, and personal tormentor. - Christian Patterson

Eugene E. Landy, The Underground Dictionary
Simon and Schuster, NY, 1971
Touchstone Paperback Edition, 110 x 190 mm
208 pages, English

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