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Impact 1.0 [1922–73]

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Publisher's description:

In this book you will find the covers of design magazines, journals and periodicals of all kinds. They cover many topics – graphic design, typography, architecture, interiors, print, theory and history. But above all, they are brilliant specimens of innovative visual design.

There’s no better place to view the stylistic roller coaster of graphic design than the covers of design magazines – it’s a fast-track education in the history of design and typography. As Steven Heller notes: “As we head deeper into the age of hand-held devices, covers will become obsolete. So, it is for this reason that preserving and archiving these documents of international design, one cover at a time, is beyond useful.”

Impact 1.0
Design magazines, journals and periodicals [1922–73] [Unit 27]
Eds. Tony Brook, Adrian Shaughnessy
Unit Editions, London, 2016
Softcover, lay-flat bound, 248 ×185 mm
384 pages, color ills.

ISBN 978-0993231681

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Graphic Design - Unit Editions