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Ofer Wolberger - Covers (#5)


Ofer Wolberger on The Photographic Book Series:

"Overall each book was treated differently depending on the design choices. The production method shifted depending on the needs of the individual project. The production work was almost always half the battle: choosing the paper, finding a printer that could work with my budget and deadline, figuring out the binding. My favorite books are probably the ones where I did most of the work myself or found printers to work with here in Brooklyn. For books like Covers and Visitor, I sourced the paper, had the pages locally printed and then did the folding or stapling of each copy."

Extract from the interview conducted by Christopher Gianunzio, "Looking for the Magic: 12 books (and then some) by Ofer Wolberger", published in Ahorn Magazine Issue 9.

Covers is the sixth book in The Photographic Book Series.

Covers (5th Edition)
Ofer Wolberger
Horses Think Press, 2016
Black & White Xerox Printed
Staple Bound, 220 x 280 mm
59 pages

Edition of 50

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Art - Flat Fix - Horses Think Press - Objects - Photography