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William Carlos Williams - Spring and All

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Publisher's description:

Spring and All is a manifesto of the imagination – a hybrid of alternating sections of prose and free verse that crystallizes in dramatic, energetic, and beautifully cryptic statements of how language recreates the world. Spring and All contains some of Williams’s best-known poetry, including Section I, which opens, "By the road to the contagious hospital" (now commonly known by the title "Spring and All"), and Section XXII, where Williams penned his most famous poem, "The Red Wheelbarrow." Although Spring and All has been always available in collected works such as Imaginations and Collected Poems: Volume I, this stand-alone facsimile edition makes it shine as the individual book William Carlos Williams intended it to be.

Spring and All
William Carlos Williams
New Directions, New York, 2011
Softcover, 115 x 180 mm
112 pages, English

ISBN 978-0811218917

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New Directions - Poetry