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Ahorn Books + Ahorn Paper

Ahorn Books is an online bookshop and small press committed to exploring the complex nature of images, words, and books.

Our goal is to help book lovers to find new resources and ways to think about the art of the book. We aim to offer a rotating selection of printed matter, always accompanied by complementary materials and texts about the work itself. We believe that books inspire other books and think that the act of reading and seeing produces a fascinating succession of discoveries.

Ahorn Paper is an ongoing series of printed publications entirely focused on photography and artists’ books. Every Ahorn Paper is dedicated to a specific book, including an extended selection of texts, interviews, and special contents. It exists as a complementary printed instrument to understand and appreciate the original book as a rich and complex form of art.

We are interested in knowing more about the various phases and aspects of the project, understanding how a book is physically and narratively constructed.

Our intent is to stimulate the reader to pay attention to every detail of the work. We would like to encourage this approach, by offering meaningful resources and texts with multiple points of view, in-depth analyses, and creative observations.

The first issue of Ahorn Paper, AP CP BL, is dedicated to Christian Patterson’s book and project "Bottom of the Lake," with contributions by Gerry Badger, Luc Sante, and Thomas Weski.