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B.S. Johnson - The Unfortunates


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A legendary 1960s experiment in form, The Unfortunates is B.S. Johnson’s famous “book in a box,” in which the chapters are presented unbound, to be read in any order the reader chooses. A sportswriter, sent to a Midlands town on a weekly assignment, finds himself confronted by ghosts from the past when he disembarks at the train station. Memories of one of his best, most trusted friends, a tragically young victim of cancer, begin to flood through his mind as he attempts to go about the routine business of reporting a soccer match.

The Unfortunates 
B.S. Johnson
New Directions, New York, 2009
Box edition, 129 x 200 x 30 mm
176 pages, English

ISBN 978-0811217439

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Fiction - New Directions