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Christian Patterson - Redheaded Peckerwood

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Condition: New Book. Third Edition.  

From Ahorn Magazine, Issue 9, Interview with Christian Patterson: 

"It all began with research. I read every book about the story I could get my hands on and viewed every film that dealt directly with the story or was inspired by it. I gave equal consideration to every possible source of information and made lists of the known facts – mainly the dates, times, names and places contained within the story – and lists of random, passing details, words, and phrases that triggered visual ideas in my mind. I developed and internalized an almost encyclopedic knowledge of the story, its chronology, characters, and details.

For five years, I spent between seven and ten days working in Nebraska. I carried my lists with me and obsessively followed every lead and chased after every idea. If an idea eluded me one year, I’d pick up the case and continue my chase the following year. Finally, if I couldn’t execute an idea in the field, I’d shine a light on it and interrogate it in my studio. And for the rest of those five years, I edited, re-edited and sequenced the work I had made, and continued my research and revised my lists.

The book is a reflection of this process. Its photographs, documents, and objects are often highly specific and true to the story but are at other times highly interpretative and subjective. Its sequence is consistently chronological, with varying degrees of veracity and somewhat sporadic chronological spacing – the result is a mix of the story and my personal experiences, choices and artistic interventions."

Christian Patterson, Redheaded Peckerwood
MACK, London, 2011
Hardcover, printed paper over board
190 x 240 mm
164 pages, 98 images, 3 inserts and 1 booklet
Essays by Luc Sante and Karen Irvine

First and second editions: sold out
Third edition: out of print


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