Spring Tide - Van Zoetendaal & The Collection

Spring Tide - Van Zoetendaal

Van Zoetendaal
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Published on the occasion of an exhibition at the Nederlands Fotomuseum during summer 2017, this catalogue includes a selection of the more than 200 photographs from the museum’s collection to be shown in their original form; that is, directly printed from the negatives. Many of the photos are well-known in their cropped versions, yet they are now revealed in their entirety, giving added insight into the photographer’s vision through seemingly insignificant and casual details. Guest curator Willem van Zoetendaal points to the continuing relevance of these images by juxtaposing them with contemporary photographs, producing unexpected links between past and present.

Spring Tide - Van Zoetendaal & The Collection
Ed. Willem van Zoetendaal
Van Zoetendaal, Amsterdam, 2017
Softcover Sempuyu-style, 170 x 230 mm
212 pages, English, Dutch

ISBN: 978-9072532350

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