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Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press


The ultimate compendium of counterculture press in the United States and the Netherlands during the heady decades of the 1960s and ’70s. 

from the interview with James Herod (Liberated Guardian), p. 446:

"The media environment today is markedly different than what existed in the sixties. The movement newspapers then were made possible, technologically, by the invention of web offset printing, which meant that commercial printers could do short runs of a few thousand copies. And they were cheap. So any group could scrape together the cash. Beyond that you just needed a stand-alone IBM selectric typesetter (a glorified type-writer), some paste-up materials, and lots of volunteer labor. Then you were set to go."

Yes Yes Yes Alternative Press.
1966-1977, From Provo to Punk

Eds. E. De Donno, A. Martegani
A&M Bookstore Edizioni, Milan, 2016
Softcover, 230x310mm
496 pages, with color & b/w ills.

ISBN 978-8887071627

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