Amy Sillman – Faux Pas (Expanded Edition)


120 x 185 mm, 288 pages
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A key figure in the New York art scene, Amy Sillman is renowned for her singular approach to painting and drawing. Her writings extend a practice that challenges traditions and theoretical frameworks with criticality and humor, and advocates subjectivity: she reevaluates Abstract Expressionism with a queer eye, explores the meanings of color and shape, and discusses in depth the work of other artists—from Delacroix (and Cézanne!) to Maria Lassnig to Carolee Schneemann to Laura Owens. In Faux Pas, a collection of her most recent essays, alongside her cartoons and original drawings, art—as personal as it is political—is a practice that responds to today’s struggles.

This new, updated edition features additional texts—including a previously unpublished essay on drawing that complements Sillman’s views on color and shape—as well as new drawings from 2020-22.

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