Aurelia Peter – Through The Mask


230 x 300 mm, 192 pages

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Revealing and concealing, exposing and protecting, associating and disassociating—contrasts and transitions determine the essence of the mask. The interest in ritual masks marks the starting point of this project by Swiss graphic designer Aurelia Peter. At the centre of the visual exploration are three modern masks whose different details are depicted on both sides (outside and inside). The publication illustrates the phenomenon of the mask: making visible and recognizing that the mask can be based on cultural as well as on social norms and values within a social system or under individual circumstances. Immerse yourself in the mask and discover that many different facets may emerge. A wealth of new aspects—a new wealth. In the figurative sense, an individual experience can take place regarding the everyday „masks“ and „disguises“ in the interpersonal realm. (The textile design in the form of a large scarf enables the potential owner to decide for herself/himself which parts of the scarf should be shown on the outside and which should remain hidden: Playing with visual and emotional perception, which at the same time expands our individual diversity and possibilities.)

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