Bricks from the Kiln #3

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Andrew Lister
Matthew Stuart

170 × 224 mm, 120 pages
BFTK Editions

ISBN 978‐0995683518 Category:

Published as text, image, and sound, this third issue of Bricks from the Kiln includes segments on: a contextual history of the oblique, one of the earliest marks of punctuation; an interview on interviewing; a revived ceremonial song lacking a melody; some soft rock for hard times; a visual essay punctuating the recorded voice of Virginia Woolf; a tour through the bowels of the Chicago Board Options Exchange; a bell tower score for a city-wide soundwork; a solo interview-cum-performance; an “aftereading”; Inuktitut syllabics as a mixture of semantics, poetry and marketing; and James Baldwin and Claudia Rankine in constructed conversation.

Featuring contributions from Bryony Quinn, Nayia Yiakoumaki & Matthew Stuart, Astrid Seme, Mark Owens, Paul Bailey & Sophie Demay, Till Wittwer, Emma Smith, Bruce McLean, Alexandru Balgiu, David Bennewith, Nontsikelelo Mutiti & Tinashe Mushkavanhu, James Bulley, and Peter Nencini.

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