Copy, Tweak, Paste: Methods of Appropriation in Re-enacted Artists’ Books

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Rob van Leijsen (Ed.)

140 x 200 mm, 224 pages

ISBN 978-2970110385 Category:

Copy, Tweak, Paste comprises an essay by graphic designer Rob van Leijsen on the modes, methods, and discourses around re-enactments, appropriations, or reinterpretations of artists’ books. Today, artists’ books maintain a paradoxical existence, from the extremely rare founding books – termed “first edition” or “original” – to the “facsimile” editions that emerged to counteract the scarcity of the originals by offering new versions of noteworthy titles. In his work, Van Leijsen, who heads a studio in Geneva, focuses mainly on cultural projects, notably in the fields of publishing design and research.

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