Daniel Augschöll
Anya Jasbar


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Softcover with jacket
165 x 233 mm
112 pages
Text in English
ISBN 978-8894214130

Co-published with
Osservatorio Fotografico

“Le Ore” is a project developed in and around the Italian city of Ravenna, in collaboration with the platform Osservatorio Fotografico as part of their ongoing project “Dove Viviamo” which aims to create a visual archive of the city.

Daniel Augschöll walked for weeks in a hybrid landscape, natural and industrial at the same time, creating a new story of the city and its surroundings. An old sign, the night, the fog in the Po Valley, closed factories, new ones arising, the “Riviera”, pine trees hiding extramarital affairs. A landscape that is both sensual and melancholic.
The photographic work is accompanied by “Desire”, a text written by Anya Jasbar originally conceived for “Le Ore”.